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SOOHYANG Candle Set Pink


Soohyang’s candles are synonymous with iconic design and beautiful scents that your home can not be without. Made from biodegradable vegetable wax in fresh, woody or floral scents that burns even and clean with no smoke or ash residue. All Soohyang products are made in Korea and packed in their unique iconic pink boxes. So beautiful, almost too pretty to use.

This set contains 3 mini candles, all with different scents. Perfect as a present or to experience all the scents to choose your most favourite in the selection.

Content: 3 x 30 gr

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Light the Soohyang Candle Set for a minimum of 1 hour to allow the wax to burn evenly and the fragrance to defuse and develop accordingly.

This set contains 3 scents:

Everyday is like Sunday A hint of tomato, basil and thyme are used in this fresh citrus scent. This unique combination that brings a beautiful atmosphere to every room.

Cherry Blossom The cherry blossom flourishes for a short period during the early Spring but the scent of these little flowers are unforgettable. The delicate, soft petals delivers the beautiful floral scent.

Champagne Supernova This green, fruity scent reminds you of the sweetness and bubbles of a newly opened bottle of Champagne.

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