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SOOHYANG Wax Tablet Boy’s Neck


The Soohyang Wax Tablet is the ideal accessory to fragrance smaller spaces such as a closet, wardrobe or drawer. They are hand-poured into a hexagonal shape featuring the brand's signature quote on the front: 'life is better when you smell nice'. The tablets are made of 100% vegetable soy- and beewax and free from phtalates. Handmade in Korea and packaged in their iconic pink box with a ribbon so you can hang or place it in the area you wish.

The charming scent Boy's Neck is a combination of musk and herbs such as lavender and lilac flowers. This combination is called floriental scent (floral + oriental) and will remind of the smell of your most favourite man.

The tablet diffuses its perfume for approximately 3 months.

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